We wrote this booklet in an effort to spark discussion. Some of the organizing concepts and models we propose are “almost there” – intended to be built upon, refined, or replaced. Our vision was that the “discussion” would take place in movement publications, word-of-mouth between organizers, within organizations, in classrooms, in book clubs or study circles, etc.

We don’t think online messageboards are the ideal format for this kind of discussion. But we wanted to make sure there was a space for people to share their experiences with the booklet and concepts.

We would love it if you would share a comment below of your experience with the booklet, or with putting the ideas into practice. We will also post here discussion questions from classrooms and book clubs as we receive them from people putting this to use!

  1. This site looks great!

    I was similarly inspired to create the Occupy Tool Kit in order to help Occupiers get by, take effective action, and find reliable media sources. Today, which is when I discovered your site, my latest post was about songs at demonstrations (http://occupytoolkit.com/power-tools/activism/songs-to-inspire/). My site is more nuts and bolts, but hopefully useful.

    Best of luck with your site!

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